Welcome to the Rag Morris and Folk Club website!

Congratulations to all the new students at Bristol University! And a big hello to all visiting here, whether you're interested in folk music, morris dancing or both!

Much like the high street, we're starting our new year right now! If you've ever wanted to try morris dancing out, this is the time (and if we say so ourselves) the side to do it. We're all about having fun and being supportive, - all are welcome, so don't be shy! We hope to meet you soon.

And if you're here for the show, have a click at our Future Events tab to see what's what on the calendar. Folk club details are on the Folk Club tab (we're imaginative like that), and we're always very happy to see new players or listeners. We can't wait for you to come and say hello!

Practices for the rest of this year are in the Gromit Room of the Student Union Building in Clifton at 9-11pm.

Photo © Nicola Lambert

Morris Practices
We practise on Thursday evenings, generally in the Clifton area. At each practice we teach a new dance completely from basics, so you can turn up at any point in the year and get the hang of what's going on. No fee, no kit needed - just show up with comfy clothes and your bounciest shoes for an active evening. We head to a great nearby pub afterwards.

If you're looking to join us for the first time, now is a great starting point! Our practice year begins in September, so at the moment we're going over out simpler dances and getting to know some new faces. You can find us in the University of Bristol Student Union in Clifton, in the Gromit Room (top floor), but we'll hand around in the lobby before hand to make sure everyone finds their way.

Book us!
Rag Morris are always happy to be invited to dance at festivals, fêtes, wassails, weddings and any other event you can think of. To find out more information please contact: bag@ragmorris.com

The Folk Club also has a snazzy new ceilidh band for hire! Get in touch with folkclub@ragmorris.com if that sounds as exciting to you as it does to us...

Fancy a go?
New recruits are always welcome. Our Morris teaching year begins in late September so that's when we'll be looking at the easier dances and going on a bit of a recruitment drive, but don't hold back - you're welcome along at any time! If you're musically inclined, we'd love you to bring along your instrument and join our band. Come along, to dance or play, whoever you are! If you want to get in touch before turning up just drop an email to bag@ragmorris.com.

If you're a UBU member you can join the society by visiting and logging in here. That'll cost you the grand fee of £0! We like free stuff as much as the next handful of broke students.

Our Facebook page is a great place to find out what we're up to, or take a look at the annals of our past adventures (you can get there from the tabs at the head of the page).

Part of that Olympic Spirit!
Yes that was us! For London 2012, twenty-four members of Rag Morris performed on stage with Eric Idle, an opera singer, roller skating nuns, Roman soldiers, angels, Bhangra dancers, Blackheath Morris Men, Scottish pipers and a Welsh rugby choir as part of the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games! What an experience it was for all involved! Well done to all the Raggies who took part. Check out our Olympic pages for details and photos of the event.