Dance Repertoire

Currently Rag Morris dance about 40 dances in the following traditions (our name/nickname given in brackets where applicable!):

Bampton (-in-the-Bush):
'Shave the Donkey' (actually 'Step and Fetch Her'!), The Rose Tree, Highland Mary ('Chicken Chasing')

The Beaux of London City ('Shooting'), The Black Joke, South Australia, The Quaker, The Three Musketeers (Skirmish), Sweet Jenny Jones

Field Town:
Balance the Straw, Old Molly Oxford, The Blue-eyed Stranger, Dearest Dicky, The Old Woman Tossed Up, The Banks of the Dee, The Lass of Richmond Hill, Shepherd's Hey, (aka 'Trees' or Signposts)

The Cuckoo's Nest, Monck's March, Orange and Blue/The Orange in Bloom, Over the Hills, Young Collins (aka 'Stamp and Clap'), The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket, Travel by Steam,

The Black Joke, Valentine, Young Collins (aka 'Stick Chucking')

The Vandalls of Hammerwich, Ring o' Bells

London Pride, Young Collins, Constant Billy, The Old Frog Dance (Swaggering Boney)

The Queen's Delight, Constant Billy,

Stick dance (based on the Chingford version)

The traditions were by no means static in their heyday, and continue to develop today. In that spirit Rag Morris have added two dances of their own: The Bad Boys of Dunkirk (in the Border Style) and Red Arrows (in a Cotswold style).

Jigs, being essentially individual dances, are not part of our side's official repertoire, but a number of them are danced by various members.

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