What is kit?

Kit is what morris people call the costume worn for performances. Most sides have matching, uniform kit, but Rag Morris are less normal than that - we wear multicoloured Rag Shirts with colourful trousers and rags on our bells.

Kit List:

Rag shirt (hence our name - inventive, eh?)
Bells (ring-a-ding)
Hankies (big ones)
Sticks (provided)
Silly hat (optional - but encouraged!)
Sensible shoes (comfy, supportive and well cushioned)

Obviously you don't need all that to start with. Supportive footwear is the first requirement. If you decide to carry on dancing with us then we'll tell you all about the rest!

If you've stuck it out in practice and the time has now come to create you own personal rag jacket then we have a few handy notes and directions on our 'How to Make a Rag Shirt' page. For further notes on bells, hankies and more visit our 'Other Kit' page.