Rag Song


Way, way back in 1985, a Rag Song was written. The tune chosen [which has, by now, become extremely irritating as it plays along in the background] can also be used for I Like a Moose, together with its feminist version. In fact, a little searching reveals that the same tune is used for a huge song family, all based on the tune 'Villikins and his Dinah'. Bluey Brink is also related. For completeness, check Mudcat Café for a version of the tune, one which, as they say, has probably been used for more texts than any other in the English-speaking world, though none is surely as important as ours.

The song

The Rag Morris Song

A is for 'anging around at the start
B 's for the best, which we certainly aren't
C all the cock-ups we constantly make
D is the dancing we do by mistake

Sing horribly, So dreadful are we!
No morris on earth like the Rag company
We play and we caper for all we are worth
And the Morris Ring say we're like nothing on earth

E...ase in our dances is not ever found
F's wot they swear when we pass the hat round
G's wot American tourists all say
and H are the hankies to wipe tears away


I is the thing we poke out with a stick
J's gyp spelt wrong - that's how we dance it
L is the love that we're all dancing for
but M is the money, of which we'd like more


N is for nobody watching us dance
O is the figure in our bank balance
P is the people in the pub where we play
you can bet they're all Q-ing at a bar miles away


R is the rain when we're dancing outside
S is the 'snug' where the audience hide
T's all they give you at charity dos
U can bet that it's tepid, it's sweet and it's stewed


V is the vigour with which we all prance
W's up by the thirty-first dance
X-perry mental's when all's gone astray
and "Y do we do it?" is what we all say


Z is the usual end of the song
- but we missed out 'K' so we got it all wrong
So if you think that the Rag Morris singing should stop,
Just wait 'til we've danced and you'd wish that we'd not!