Is morris for you?

Who can join Rag Morris?

Everybody! Membership is open to anybody aged 16 or over, and we always welcome new members. If you want to join us contact or just come along to a practice session and give it a go.

A few good reasons why you ought to join Rag Morris:

It's Fun;
It's Free;
It's Unusual;
It's Traditional;
It's fantastic Exercise;
It's for Men and Women and Everybody else;
You'll dance to Live Music;
You'll meet lots of Interesting People;
You'll travel to lots of Interesting Places;
You'll get the thrill and reward of Live Performance; and
Beginners are always welcome!

Union Membership

Membership of the Rag Morris and Folk Club society is free to all. However, to make use of University of Bristol Union facilities (where we hold practices) one is required to be a member of the union. To learn about membership for students and non-students visit here. If you just want to have a go at morris with no commitments then no worries! Just come along and you can access the union building as a 'guest'.