Past Events

Rag Morris is busy throughout the year dancing out at folk festivals, beer festivals, village fêtes and fairs, pubs, morris ales, wassails and more. Check out photos from our past events over the years in the side menu. Here, though, is a summary of what we have been up to recently:

Our adventures so far...
October 2015
By all rights the highlight of this year's October should have been our interval spot at Mr. Medler's Halloween Zombie Ceilidh - what a fantastic idea! But it was outshone! Our very own, long-serving and much-loved Tony threw a Morris tour for his septuagenarian bash, which I hope he agrees was absolutely marvellous. Happy birthday Tony!
September 2015
Bristol University term started excellently, with plenty of enthusiastic new friends joining both Rag and our sibling Folk Club. Our Fresher's Week dance-out took a slight turn for the adventurous, but that meant we ended up strutting our stuff outside the magnificent Victoria Rooms - so all's well that ends stunningly floodlit.
Summer 2015
The summers months included visits to our favourite pubs, the Weymouth Folk Festival, performance at local fetes and community events as well as our August holiday tour, this year a trip to Cornwall.
April 2015
Pesky dragons turned up at the Cornubia and Yate again this year, but we sorted 'em. Turns out they only wanted ice cream. St. George's Day celebrations were excellent and sunny all round. And with thanks from many attendees we hosted the 2015 JMO Day of Dance with around 500 morris performers visiting Bristol for the day.
March 2015
It's been a month for exciting workshops - first some beautiful French Dancing, then one taught by some of our very own to share their jigging wisdom. Other than that we were rather proud to partake in the refurbished Richmond Building's (née, the Student Union Building) long awaited Grand Opening. Here's to more practice spaces!
February 2015
Shenanigans in Frenchay at the beginning of the month eventually turned into a trip to the pub (as shenanigans are wont to do) - dancing at the very friendly White Lion. After that, Valentine's Day saw our inaugural unCheltenham tour when we decided we just couldn't face what used to be a festival weekend without a traditional fry-up. We farewelled February in magnificent and exhausting style with a trip to the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, this year in Exeter, for some ceilidhs, jives, bals, sessions, hills, ceilidhs, a morris tour with some spectacular sides, and just another ceilidh or two. Great times were had all round.
January 2015
We enjoyed some lovely wassails as usual, and even spotted the occasional bit of sun! The apples are good for another year, and we're still holding on to our pheasant-winning streak at Hutton's fantastic do.
Last year's fun!
December 2014
The Christmas dance tour of St Werburgh's was the highlight. You missed us? The City Farm goats didn't.
November 2014
Just two dance workshops and a ceilidh! One was a tempting introduction to the Bledington tradition. The ceilidh spot was at the wonderful Bath Ceilidh.
October 2014
As well as running our recriuting stall at UBU FRESH, we have entertained our good friends the morris team from L'Homme Vert, St Pierre-sur-Orthe, and celebrated Hallowe'en at The Cottage Inn in style with the customary seasonal silliness.
September 2014
The new term saw us touring East Anglia and then out at at Stroud Folk Festival. Then came University FRESH and the promise of new recruits - to all of whom, welcome!
August 2014
We take a summer break in August... except we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Bath Folk Festival and another Bath visit to dance with Priston Jubilee Morris!
July 2014
One of the year's highlights: Priddy Folk Festival. Not just dancing, but the first performances of our new Mummers' style play, The Big Bang. and more pub outings, of course.
June 2014
Right at the start:the wonderful Wessex Folk Festival at the Harbourside, Weymouth. Then more pub dance-outs, including with other sides, North Street Summer Fair, Solstice at Stanton Drew, Ragged and Old Morris's 30th Birthday Tour.
May 2014
Mad May! May morning at 4.30 a.m., then school visits; Bristol Folk Festival, Colston Hall May Fayre, Hutton May Fair, Westbury on Trym May Fair, Pigsty Morris's Day of Dance, off to the seaside for Brighton Morris Men's Day of Dance, pub dance-outs...
April 2014
... a month off!
March 2014
Off to Edinburgh for the InterVarsity Folk Dance Festival (IVFDF)...
February 2014
Once again we danced at the Cheltenham Folk Festival.
January 2014
We began the year in style, dancing on 1st January at Priston Jubileee's New Year dance-out.
Then came the wassails: Southville Community Orchard, Hutton (with guns!), and St Werburgh's City Farm.